Indiana shooting | Police and the FBI prepare an update.

Indianapolis, Ind. In a shooting outside an Indianapolis retail centre on Tuesday night, a young man was murdered and another was injured, according to police.
According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the incident happened just before 8 o’clock outside the Castleton Square Mall on the city’s far northeast side.

What Happened at Indiana shooting

At approximately 7:50 p.m. EST, a man entered the mall from the Castleton Square Mall exit, police said. The suspect fired his gun several times and then fled the area through an underground parking lot. Police said that mere minutes later, another person was shot on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s east side patrol unit’s block site in the 1400 block of North East Street.

Police Overview on this Incident

According to police, both victims had injuries consistent with being shot. They were taken to local hospitals, where the first victim, 18-year-old Andre Green, was pronounced dead. The second victim was listed in critical condition.
“It’s not the least bit suspicious that the individual did not get into the mall,” said Indianapolis Metro Police Department Chief Rick Hite. “We have to evaluate our security procedures throughout the city and try to incorporate them in places where people gather. This is a legitimate issue that we have to address.”

Hite added that the Indianapolis Police Department will talk with mall management, the FBI and mall security to see if they can tighten security. “We will review everything,” he said. “This doesn’t look like a random act.”

The mall entrance where the suspect fired his gun is located at the top of an escalator, which steps down into a food court area, according to people in the mall on Tuesday night.

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What Media Says on Indiana shooting

The Indianapolis Star, the newspaper in which this incident took place. Published an article about the Indiana shooting earlier today.

Jim Amberg, chief of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s homicide unit. Said there were “several hundred” people inside the mall when Green was shot. He added that Green and the second victim were “random targets.”

Amber Wagner writes for Loose Change Radio:

“One witness reported seeing Indiana shooting a bullet-riddled Jeep being driven erratically down East Street and into a nearby parking garage. The witness said she saw. A man crawl out of the passenger side of the Jeep and to run south on East Street.

“The witness called 911, and then was given directions from a dispatcher to meet up. Indianapolis Police Department officers at the mall’s south entrance because ‘there’s a lot of gunshots going off.'”


What We Can Learn from this Incident
Obviously, the fact that two people were shot and one of them kill is extremely serious. It should never take place in any part of our society. As such, we must use this as an opportunity to talk about the issues that caused. This incident to take place and how we can prevent something similar from happening in the future.

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