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On Monday, George Conway, the husband of senior adviser Kellyanne Conway, slammed President Donald Trump’s tweets for undermining his political goal by discussing legal issues.

Conway responded to the slew of tweets Trump sent out Monday morning protesting that his own attorneys were urging the Supreme Court to approve the implementation of a “watered down” executive order on immigration. George Conway Twitter Up until last week, Conway had been expected to join Trump’s Justice Department.

Supreme Court Orders

“These tweets might cheer up a few people, but they won’t help OSG win 5 votes in the Supreme Court, which is what really counts. Sad, “Conway wrote, referring to the Office of the Solicitor General, which will argue the issue before the Supreme Court.

Conway’s comments caused controversy, not only because he is married to one of Trump’s most prominent supporters but also because his wife had criticised the media’s focus on the president’s tweets on television hours before.

Kellyanne Conway criticised George Conway Twitter “this preoccupation with covering what he says on Twitter and very little what he accomplishes as president” during an appearance on NBC’s “Today.”

Later on Monday, George Conway reiterated his support for Trump and his ideas and expressed optimism for the success of the administration’s defence of its contested immigration executive order.

I still VERY, VERY STRONGLY SUPPORT POTUS, HIS ADMIN, POLICIES, THE EXECUTIVE ORDER, AND OF COURSE, George Conway Twitter MY WONDERFUL WIFE, he said, just to be clear and in response to concerns. That is the reason I said what I did this morning.

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Political Department

As others have previously told me, “any sane lawyer in [the White House counsel’s office] and every political appointee at [the Department of Justice] would agree with me.” The [point] cannot be emphasised enough that tweets on legal issues gravely weaken the administration’s programme and the presidency. Those who support him, as I do, ought to emphasise this and should not be afraid to say so.

Conway was anticipated to join the Trump administration, George Conway Twitter possibly as the solicitor general, head of the Justice Department’s civil division, or in another capacity, but he withdrew last week, citing family obligations.

The Justice Department urged the Supreme Court last week to approve the administration’s new executive order, which temporarily bans visitors from several nations with a majority of Muslims. A lower court also stopped the order, which was a slightly modified version of an earlier executive order that had been overturned by federal judges. Last month, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld that decision.
Trump stated in a tweet earlier on Monday that the Justice Department ought to have supported the initial travel ban rather than the “politically acceptable” updated version.


He tweeted, George Conway Twitter “The Justice Dept. should ask for an expedited hearing before the Supreme Court on the watered-down Travel Ban – & seek much harsher version!” “In any scenario we are EXTREME VETTING anybody coming into the U.S. in order to assist keep our country safe. The legal system is sluggish and partisan!”

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