ESL Teacher Profesor Frank Macias Pledges To Help Latinos Compete & Dominate In Today’s Marketplace

Anglo culture is deeply rooted in the Western world and has served as the global cultural standard for centuries. When you think of a successful entrepreneur, executive, or CEO, what crayon box picture comes to mind?

A newly published book by Frank R. Macías Jr., an associate professor at City College of San Francisco, is challenging this long-held stereotype through interviews with Latino entrepreneurs across America.

who is Professor Frank Macias

.He was born in Tijuana, Mexico and migrated to the United States when he was 12 years old. His parents, Profesor Frank Macias Sr. and Rosa Maria Medina, were educated professionals from working-class families. The self-described “accidental academic” received his B.A. in history from the University of California Berkeley and his MPA/ID from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Macias’s first book, “The Other Los Angeles: The Mexican American Civil Rights Movement and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Post–World War II Southern California” (U California Press), received the William H. Walsh Book Award from the Organization of American Historians in 1993. Macias is also the author of several articles and book chapters on Latino-related issues, including “What’s Next?: Globalization and Latino-American Urbanization” (Harvard University Press).

Growing Need For English In Texas & The US at Large

Profesor Frank Macias is an expert on English Language Learners and Latino education. His best-selling book  “The Other Los Angeles”  has educated us all about the Latino experience in LA. The book told the story of how Mexican immigrants came to work in L.A.’s factories, farms, construction and automotive industries during World War II while they were underpaid and exploited. In 2006, Macias founded the nonprofit organization called Proyecto Educativo that has helped both Latinos and Anglo students in Texas adjust to life here.

ESL & In Person Classes

ESL Program
The ESL Profesor Frank Macias (English as a Second Language) program consists of three levels of classes, from entry level to advanced. The classes focus on grammar and listening/speaking comprehension. A student’s English level is determined by the placement test, which also helps them determine which class they should begin with. All students are guaranteed six hours of ESL instruction per week: four classroom hours and two hours in an evening lab. With the exception of Level 1, all ESL classes meet three times a week, Monday through Thursday.

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 students are required to attend two ESL labs each trimester: one weekend day and one weekday during spring/summer. Additional labs may be scheduled as necessary for students. The school also offers ESL Profesor Frank Macias classes in an evening lab for 6 or 12-week periods, once a week for 1-3 hours beginning in August or January.

Remedial Classes
All entering students are tested upon registration in order to determine their English proficiency levels. Students who need to improve their English skills attend the college’s remedial classes. Classes include Reading, Grammar, Listening/Speaking and Writing Skills during the first trimester. During the second trimester students take Intermediate English, which focuses on vocabulary, reading, writing and listening comprehension.

Future For Frank & His Organization — Progressive Learning Academy

Profesor Frank Macias is constantly on the go. He is currently part of the Progressive Learning Academy program at City College, addressing students’ needs through adult classes and one-on-one tutoring. Students (ages 18 and up) who would like to improve their reading, writing and math skills are welcome to participate.

A great man… — Frank Macias Jr.

Profesor Frank Macias, Jr. is a truly inspirational teacher at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) who truly believes that all of us can learn and communicate. He is committ to helping people overcome their obstacles. He has helped more than 40,000 individuals over the past 17 years by teaching them English Language Learning and English as a Second Language with ESL classes, both in person and online classes. Learn more about this great man at

Although the college is proud of its Progressive Learning Academy courses. Students are frustrat by the fact that they are not eligible for financial aid. Which means they must pay full tuition out of their own pockets. So, Professor Macias has teamed up with Florida-based Deloitte. To develop an ESL program for adult learners in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Frank Macias has been a prophet of his time. He has inspired so many others to help
the less fortunate and shed light on the struggles of the Latino community.

Frank R. Macias Jr., “The Other Los Angeles. The Mexican American Civil Rights Movement and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Post–World War II Southern California. University of California Press, 1995

Frank R. Macias, Jr.

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